Hello world!

Welcome to¬†Affordable Web Pro in 2014. Unfortunately my server was “reclaimed” while Hostgator was supposed to be transferring my data to a new hosting plan and I have lost all of my website content, articles and photos.

I have some backups but it will take forever to rebuild the years of work done on that server and at this point I am using it as an excuse to start fresh. I will only run just a small group of blogs and create or curate all original content.

No more splogs and automated content generation on sites I never actually wrote for. From now on all of the content on my sites will be my own original content with limited syndication and no aggregated feeds.

I’ll be writing quality and not quantity as things had become in the last year or more. Having more than 20 blogs to manage at one time is just to much for one writer and the content suffers in the end.

AffordableWebPro.com has always been notes and ideas about websites I have built and will remain focused on affordable website design and internet marketing services.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you have any comments or questions please do submit them with the form below.

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